Run An Event

Would you like to run a fundraising event for us?

Help us make a difference for our wounded, injured and sick.

It has never been easier to run your own fundraising event and help support those injured in the line of duty. Together we can make a real difference to their lives!

1). Decide what you would like to do!

Pick something fun you can do either on your own or with friends and family, don’t be too ambitious, you don’t need to fill the Albert Hall to make a valued contribution, above all enjoy it, you’ll definitely raise more money if you do!

cache_2454579369Here are a few ideas:
◾Quiz and race nights
◾Raffles/Auctions of unwanted items
◾Car boot sales
◾A sponsored ride out, walk, run, or swim.
◾Parachute jump or throw yourself down a zipline
◾Discos/karaoke nights

2). Tell us about your event!

Please email or telephone us and let us know what you plan to do, we may be able to assist you. We are always open to new ways of raising money for the charity so if you have any suggestions please email us or contact us.

Email  [email protected] or contact us by telephone on 01332 523503 Our office hours are: (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm).

We can also provide you with:

Sponsorship Forms cache_2454579646


Ask Amy for your bespoke sponsorship forms.


cache_2454579704Collection Buckets / Tins

We will gladly post the items to you, please appreciate all banners and collection pots must be returned when your event is completed for security reasons.



Online & Local Adverts

If you’re holding an event, we’ll advertise it on our website and, if we know when and where it’s taking place, we can alert the local media!


3). Advertise and promote your fundraiser!

There are many different ways to advertise and promote your fundraising event, we can setup an online fundraising page for you via gofundme, its one of the easiest ways to ask and collect moneys from your sponsors. Don’t forget to keep your promotion up till your fundraiser happens, you could create and send an email marketing campaign once a month to help gain support.

cache_2454580866Online Fundraising

Everydayhero is a place where you can create an online fundraising webpage, it allows friends, family and colleagues to sponsor and make donations to your fundraiser.

Ride Route 66




Email Marketingcache_2454580885

Ask more people by email. Online fundraising lets you email people to show them what you are doing and why, and them ask for donations. In our experience 30% of people you email WILL donate, so the more emails you send, the more money you will raise to make a difference!

cache_2454580941Other Ways to Promote

Think of other appropriate ways you can promote your fundraising event, an advert in the local shop, golf club or gym.


Don’t forget to post it on facebook and Twitter if you use them.