Below you will see an example of what some of those who have been wounded whilst on active duty have gone through.



Wounded on Active Duty

Here you can see the individual is receiving treatment in the field immediately following the incident.






Extracted from thcache_2454973430e Scene

The individuals are then extracted from the scene and airlifted to a field hospital.




Once they land in a secure environment they are transferred to operating theatre to receive the next stage of treatment.





Receiving Life Saving Treatment

The individuals receive lifesaving treatment in the operating theatre where they are then stabalized until they are able to be flown back to the UK.





Receiving Vital Medical Care whilst being flown back to the UK

Medical teams working on the wounded guys and girls in flight.





Recovery continues at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Birmingham

Dependant on the extent of their injury the individual can spend weeks recovering in hospital until they are considered well enough to leave hospital..




Recovery then continues at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court

Individuals can spend anything from a few weeks to years recovering at the rehabilitation centre until they are considered well enough to either return to their unit or are medically discharged.


The guys continuing their personal recovery whilst on tour.