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logoWhat is the BT4TW Supporters Group?

A group of like minded people with one soul aim; to raise awareness and funds to support our Wounded, Injured and Sick service personnel. For every 65 NEW SUPPORTERS who join we are able to fund a place on a motorcycle challenge in the US for one of our serving or veteran military personnel.

What are the benefits?

  • We believe that the greatest benefit of being a BT4TW Supporter is that your subscription/donation of £30 (membership fee) along with that of 64 other supporters will have funded a place on a US challenge for one of our British WIS.
  • BT4TW Supporters pin badge. Wear yours with pride and help spread the word.
  • Membership Card
  • Discounts with a difference:

As time goes by, it is our intention to provide discounts with a difference!  We have approached an initial number of companies and organisations who have indicated a desire to offer our members with a percentage discount on their goods and or services.  The amazing difference is that they are looking to donate the same percentage again in the form of a cash donation to Bike Tours for the Wounded.  We will keep you posted on our progress.

  • Get to know other people in your local area who have similar interests.
  • Help us find other veterans who may be in need of our help and assistance in your area.
  • Become a valuable part of a local support network for these veterans.

In addition to your membership you have the opportunity to assist us further in our promotional and fundraising activities, whilst this is absolutely NOT a requirement we would of course be grateful for any additional support you were able to provide.

Why not consider becoming one of our ‘County reps’? Contact us for a chat to find out more:

Darren Clover – 07540707344 [email protected]

Mark Lamplough – 07799335534 [email protected]

Amy Clover – 07709837147 [email protected]

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This is an annual subscription, however renewal is not compulsory!

If you use Facebook and once you have joined go to BT4TW Supporters and request to join.

Please remember to share your membership purchase on line with your friends.

Who can join?

Anyone aged 16 or over that wants to support our cause. You do not have to be a rider, just someone with a desire to help make a difference to our Wounded, Injured or Sick service personnel past or present.