route 66 tour

JJ – Route 66 Tour May 2015


I am neither a biker nor a military person but I am a partner of a biker and happy to ride pillion.  A few years ago I attempted the CBT training myself but a poor trainer and bad experience put an end to the course and created a real fear of bike riding that I thought was there forever.

My partner signed up to be a BT4TW rider on the Route 66 Tour, May 2015 and I joined the support team travelling in one of the two support vehicles with Tina and Amy in one vehicle, Pam and I in the other. What great ladies!

As the packed tour itinerary emerged, a relaxed humour and mutual respect was quickly established amongst the whole group.  The privilege of travelling Route 66 with BT4TW and the WIS was interesting, funny, sobering, humbling, respectful and exciting.  Our differing ages and backgrounds soon disappeared and a genuine friendship emerged that was all encompassing, friendships that I know will last a very long time.

A very well planned holiday of a lifetime, packed with amazing experience after amazing experience, genuine support, with extremely awe inspiring people, this was a truly exceptional adventure.  Although I was in the support vehicle, it was just as special as for me as for the riders and pillions.  Do not look on being a support driver as less of an experience than riding a motorbike, it was an absolutely wonderful experience and simply must be done!

Occasionally some of the WIS needed a break from riding pillion and joined Amy and Tina on four wheels so I had the opportunity to ride on the back of a bike for a while.  I loved every minute of it and enjoyed the challenge of trying to get good photographs of the road ahead over the mohican on rider Ted’s helmet!

I have now caught the biking bug!  So despite my previous bad CBT experience, I have now selected a good CBT trainer and am about to book the course with a view to having a bike of my own in the near future.

Thank you BT4TW for a trip that excelled all expectations, led to a greater understanding of the lives of the WIS and helped overcome my fear of riding a bike.

As stated earlier, this was an absolutely wonderful experience and simply must be done!