Scott – Multiple Tours Rider and WIS



My name is Scott, I am not the best at writing things down especially when it concerns my feelings, but I feel that I need to in support of Bike Tours for The Wounded. For I believe that I would not now be here if it had not been for the help and support they have provided me over the last year and a bit. To be honest 2 years ago I could not take the physical pain and the mental torture that I suffer daily from the injuries that I have suffered while serving my country.  I attempted to check out and now I look back I am so glad that my attempt failed as I have now met Darren and with his help and support I once again feel I have a purpose in life.

I am a rider while also being a WIS so I fully get it and as such I am now riding for as many tours as I can. As I believe what Darren and his team are trying to achieve adds value in helping anyone who is suffering after service.  Being a rider comes with great responsibility but also great reward in being able to help and support others to achieve and overcome their personal challenges.

These tours are not holidays they provide a range of physical and mentally stimulating challenges which I believe help the healing process.  The team at Bike Tours for The Wounded support you all the way. They are there on your dark days to support you with a chat on the phone or a meet up helping to signpost support and services that will be useful in the healing process. They are also there to congratulate you when you start achieving your personal goals and support you if you stumble along the way.

The wounded warrior tours are a life changing challenge for both rider and pillion, so if you are a rider come and join us so that we can support my comrades as they attempted to challenge themselves to overcome the obstacles that have been put in their way.  Without you the rider none of this would be possible.

If you are a WIS, be warned this is not a holiday, this adventure has the making of being a life changing and challenging while rewarding and healing experience. If you are coming just to go drinking and sightseeing this is not for you. We have early starts and late finishes, as I said earlier this is hard on both body and mind but the ultimate rewards if you embrace the challenge far outweighs any pain and suffering you may experience as you complete each stage of these wounded warrior challenges.

This is a plea to everyone else only with your financial donating can this continue. Please help me and everyone else involved in this worthwhile cause by donating either a single sum or better still pledging a monthly sum to support the recovery process.